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Schedule an Event with MaryEllen Jirak

To schedule an event with MaryEllen Jirak, please email her event manager or leave a message at 415 550-1723.

MaryEllen speaks at a wide variety of venues and events. She is available as a keynote speaker for conferences and private corporate meetings. She gives 60-90 minute lectures, half and full day workshops for both parents and teachers, runs 5 week working memory training programs, and does private and group consulting/coaching. She speaks with educators and parents about home and classroom management of ADHD/ADD and how to naturally bring out the genius in these gifted individuals. MaryEllen also has a special interest in ADD girls and women whom most often go undiagnosed and whose potential is often not fully realized because of their unique expression of this gift. Click here for a full list of formats.

Although MaryEllen has specific topics which she focuses on, she can tailor each presentation to the specific needs, interests, and time constraints of her audience. Click here for a list of Specific Topics or call or email to create the event that best fits your group.

Lecture Format

MaryEllen Jirak can present lectures of varying lengths on the following topics, or organize one or several of these topics into a half-day workshop.  She can also combine a lecture in the evening with a workshop the following day.  She is flexible, willing to adapt to any format, and will combine topics to best meet your needs. 

1. The hour-long lecture- In this format, MaryEllen gives a lecture of about forty-five to fifty minutes, and allows ten to fifteen minutes for questions and comments from the audience. This form allows for a basic introduction to a topic.

2. The one and a half hour lecture-  In this format, MaryEllen speaks for about an hour and then responds to questions and comments from the audience for thirty minutes. Sometimes this format is modified to allow for additional time for book signing or other one-on-one interaction with the audience and MaryEllen by shortening the lecture and/or questions/comment time.

3. The half-day workshop-  In this format, MaryEllen speaks for 2 ½ – 3 hours with a 15-minte break. This format allows for a more in-depth presentation on a particular topic or a combination of topics.

4.  The lecture/workshop combination- In this format MaryEllen gives a lecture (60-90 minutes) in the evening or morning, followed by a half-day workshop the next day or in the afternoon if the lecture has been in the morning. This format allows for two different audiences to attend. For example, MaryEllen may give an introductory lecture to parents in the evening, followed by an intensive workshop the next day. Or an introductory workshop for parents in the evening followed by a half or full day teacher training the following day.

MaryEllen’s lecture topics vary widely.  Although he is perhaps best known for her work in the field of attention deficit disorder, she also lectures on parenting and success training.  Some of these include other topics related to learning, such as differences in learning styles, Brain Gym, the learning different brain, empowered parenting, and classroom management techniques of ADD and learning differences.