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The Gift of ADD

This book compiles ideas from the work of the best seminal minds in the fields of education, medicine, science, business, philosophy, psychology, physics, and metaphysics (whose works I have been privileged to know) as well as my own experiences, insights, and intuitive ideas.

In the book The Gift of A.D.D., you will find answers to questions such as:ᅠ

#1.ᅠHowᅠisᅠbalanceᅠimportantᅠinᅠaᅠchild’sᅠeveryday life?
#2.ᅠHowᅠareᅠchildrenᅠwithᅠADDᅠdisciplinedᅠand nurtured?
#3.ᅠWhatᅠareᅠsimpleᅠexercisesᅠthatᅠachieveᅠprovenᅠlifeᅠlong effects?
#4. Is Ritalin a solution?
#5.ᅠIsᅠthereᅠsuccessᅠwithᅠneurolinguisticᅠprogrammingᅠ(NLP) and biofeedback?
#6. What can parents and teachers doᅠto survive?

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Now there is hope!ᅠThe Gift of A.D.D: is shattering labels and changing the way we think about ADD. You?ll learn new ways to work with your child, to redirect your thoughts and your child?s behavior into powerful advantages! Studies and research show that our creative risk takers?those with learning differences likeᅠ ADD?in fact have far superior creative intelligence. Adjusting methods of instruction and interaction with, these creatives to fit their preferential learning mode?instead of forcing an outdated learning system on them, can unlock their incredible potential. When encouraged and nourished, these children will powerfully advance our world!

More then thirteen million children and countless adults live the experience of A.D.D.. Sadly 35% become school dropouts, 10% are victims of suicide (10 times the national average), and over 50% fall prey to drugs and alcohol and or have problems with the law. Years of research have led to the management of symptoms, however these statistics show that it has not substantially improved outcomes for children with differences. With A.D.D. being identified in larger numbers it is time for a new perspective.

The Gift of ADD presents a three-step process to address ADD. You will learn the primary causes of ADD symptoms and how to address the causes of these symptoms to impact behavior and learning and allow these children to express their many gifts. You will learn many practical tools to implement in the classroom and home and how and why these children learn differently.

Parents will learn helpful information to help them become better advocates for their children in order to receive the necessary interventions they need. Whether you are a creative risk taker yourself or a caretaker of one, this book is an invaluable guide.

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