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Six Week Student Training


What the Six Week Student Training includes

  • 6 weekly 1 to 1 sessions with child ᅠ ᅠᅠ
  • 6 weekly phone sessions with child
  • 4 sessions with parent
  • 1 session with child?s teacher
  • unlimited email

With the child:

  • Identify learning profile and strengths
  • Re-program study habits and routines
  • Teach organizational skills
  • Establish repeatable routines for success
  • Teach balance and focusing techniques

Resulting In:

  • improved self-esteem/behavior
  • elimination of missing and late assignments
  • Better focus

With the parents:

  • Establish better discipline techniques
  • Facilitate creation of structures, rules and reward systems
  • Establish routines to reduce tension and behavior problems
  • Foster better communication between home and school

With the teacher

  • Discuss student learning profile and needs
  • Discuss classroom techniques for greater success

ᅠBetween coaching sessions I will be available by email to answer questions that come up. I will have one call weekly with the child to fine tune weekly goals and keep child motivated and positive.


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