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Dominance Profile

How understanding Neurological Dominance can benefit you:

Understanding Neurological Dominance can determine your strengths and weaknesses. It tells us why we are good at some things and less talented in areas. It determines our motivation for certain tasks and why we dislike and are not drawn to other activities. Understanding this can help us to implement our strengths more often and efficiently.

Understanding Neurological Dominance can assist us to know why we may lack confidence when we cannot do something or see that other people are more talented at them. Knowledge of Neurological Dominance can help us determine ways that we can best contribute to the world. Understanding our strengths, can give us more self-confidence and help us be more tolerant of our own weaknesses and the weaknesses in others.

Understanding our Neurological Dominance can help us be more effective in influencing and persuading others and be better communicators. For instance, one person may prefer lots of information and facts, while another will prefer to only have an overview of the “big picture.? Knowing this allows us to use varying approaches to more effectively communicate with each person.

To work effectively on a team members must work to complement one another?s strengths. To achieve this it is important to have knowledge of the Neurological Dominance of each team member. A workshop on the subject can be very beneficial.

A large portion of people choose careers and work based on things such as pay, benefits and location. However, research shows that people in jobs that they enjoy and are most suited for are the happiest and most successful. Understanding our Neurological Dominance we are more capable of matching a career with our individual profile. Therefore we also experience less stress and greater performance.

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