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Cracking the ADD Code

Cracking the ADD Code: Why Outcomes Haven’t Changed And How They Can

After nearly 60 years of treating the symptoms of ADHD/ADD with drugs outcomes for children and adults with this difference have remained unchanged and unacceptable. In this book I examine why the one pill fits all mentality has not worked. I will discuss the biological, neurological, and learning differences these individuals face that comprise the underlying causes of ADHD/ADD and how these characteristics can be balanced.

The role of sugar in ADHD/ADD symptoms is thoroughly examined and interventions are outlined to address this facet of the difference. I will outline simple interventions for each of the three areas of challenge that when combined can serve to unleash the genius of these individuals and create successful outcomes. To achieve the greatest success all three of the areas of difference must be addressed.

ADHD/ADD individuals are strong visual thinkers which means, they think in pictures vs. words. While this can be a great disadvantage in the classroom (as it is typically set up now) it actually is a much faster (hundreds of times faster) and preferred way of processing. This is why those who overcome their liabilities most often go on to achieve amazing things.

In the final chapter of the book I address the power of the subconscious mind in creating limitations and why becoming conscious parents is particularly necessary for ADHD/ADD individuals whom I call Creative Risk Takers. While there is a genetic component to ADHD/ADD a child?s genes speak to their potential not their fate. With proper balance, protection, nourishment, and guidance this potential is unlimited.

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