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Natural ADD Treatments

Attention Deficit Disorder / Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder eBook Library – Visit our eBook library to download a number of works written by MaryEllen specificially for ADD/ADHD parents, and those that suffer from ADD. See ADD/ADHD eBooks

Biological Support – Without protection, clear direction, and balance our natural gifts of emotional sensitivity and multi-focus will become liabilities because we are easily influenced by the electrical energy around us, pick up on others feelings and have difficulty separating them from our own. When we also have an environment that is non-supportive and organized in ways we don’t understand it becomes even more important that we learn ways to support us in order to bring forth our gifts.  See biological ADD treatment options

Coaching Support – Whether you are a parent struggling with your child’s behavior and school issues, a young adult having learning and social challenges, or an adult having difficulty with career and relationship dilemmas coaching can empower you to access your gifts and build the life you desire. See coaching support ADD treatment options

Learning Support – Creative Risk Taker’s (ADD individuals) have a very unique learning profile (called a Dominance Profile). While this profile helps them to be creative geniuses it can greatly impair their ability to learn in a traditional classroom. Their learning is further impacted by an inadequate working memory that decreases their ability to read and do math as efficiently and to pay attention.  See learning support ADD treatment options

Neurological Support – The brain’s of Creative Risk Taker’s (ADD individuals) have many differences affecting their ability to focus and attend and causing impulsivity. They also have immature brain wave patterns having more delta, theta, and alpha brainwaves while awake similar to very young children. While this allows them to access creative outside-the-box thinking more easily it also makes paying attention to things of less interest 50% more difficult. Their inadequate working memory impacts their ability to read and do math as efficiently as well. Several factors cause them to be more heavily impacted by negative feedback causing them more stress. See neurological support ADD treatment options