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Event Topics

MaryEllen speaks at a wide variety of venues and events. She is available as a keynote speaker for conferences and private corporate meetings, including:


  • Finding the Gift in ADD
  • Cracking The ADD/ADHD Code
  • Parenting the ADHD/ADD Child
  • ADD- Disability Or Gift? Portrait Of A Modern Day Creative Risk Taker
  • Pill VS Embracing A New Perspective
  • Quantum Physics, Paradigms and ADD
  • Parent Coaching The ADD Child
  • If ADD Is Your Life These Are The Rules: Strategies For Success
  • Understanding Girls And Women with ADD


  •  Cracking The ADD/ADHD Code
  •  Practical Strategies for Teachers of ADD and Learning Different Students
  •  ADD and Teens Strategies For Success In High School And Beyond
  •  How the Learning Different Brain Learns: Connecting Brain Research And Affective Learning To Meet Standards
  •  Successful Outcomes Through Self-Esteem and Heartfelt Discipline
  •  Classroom Management Tools For ADD Students
  •  Right-Brain Learner in a Left-Brain World
  •  Brain Gym: Preparing the Brain for Learning, Focus, and Responsible Behavior
  •  Dominance Profiles And Why They Matter To Learning

To schedule an event with MaryEllen Jirak, please email her event manager or leave a message at 415 550-1723.