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Why ADD / ADHD Is a Gift

Did you know that if your ADD/ADHD child finds something to shine in they are more likely to succeed and show fewer symptoms?

Because of their symptoms ADD/ADHD children are more likely to receive a higher percentage of negative feedback than other children. Because of neurological differences they are already more attuned to tonal messages and negative signals than other children so this only heightens their poor self-esteem. By finding creative outlets of expression that a child can get passionate about there are more opportunities for them to not only feel good about themselves but also set up situations where they receive encouragement. Outlets like sports, music, building things, and the arts also allow for increased opportunities for hyper focus. This allows your child (especially when you bring attention to it)  to realize they are capable of focus and attention (in fact to higher degrees than non-ADD/ADHD children). Focus on the positive by parents and teachers reduces stress and increases the child’s ability to follow through on tasks of less interest and reduces symptoms.