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Cogmed Overview

Cogmed Working Memory Training

Great Beginnings in partnership with Abbey Neuropsychology Clinic is honored to provide Cogmed Working Memory Training.

Cogmed is a computerized training program whose efficacy has been demonstrated through peer-reviewed scientific journals, including several randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trials, and evaluations by research with no affiliation to Cogmed. It was designed by leading neuroscientists to improve attention by effectively increasing working memory capacity over a 5 week training period.

Cogmed has been shown to be effective for persons diagnosed with attention deficits, those who have sustained a brain injury, stroke victims, persons experiencing the deteriorating effects of normal aging, or those not performing up to their potential, academically or professionally, given their intelligence and effort.

 Having a strong working memory is essential to learning. Poor working memory can result in significant learning difficulties. Possessing a strong working memory is a key indicator for academic success and translates into more effective classroom performance, particularly in reading and math.

Working memory is a principal cognitive function associated with attention and focus. It is the ability to maintain information for several seconds in your mind, manipulate it, and apply it in your thinking and reasoning. It is fundamental for concentration, problem solving, and impulse control. It is essential to improve intelligence and is a crucial indicator of success both academically and professionally. Poor working memory is a primary difficulty associated to ADHD, and other learning disabilities.

Attention, concentration, focus, impulse control, social skills, and complex reasoning skills are all substantially improved by Cogmed training through the long-term increase in working memory capacity. The outcome is enhanced performance, heightened attention, and success. Research and clinical results demonstrate that Cogmed’s Training effects are long lasting making its benefits even more compelling. Following initial training, an added bonus of Extension Training is available to users at no additional cost.

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