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Why ADD / ADHD Is a Gift

Chronic Reversed Polarity

Chronic Reversed Polarity 


The human body is a self-contained, self-generating electrical system. Our mental processes, the immune system, and the heart are  all part of a vast system that runs electrically. Whenever electricity 

is in operation, magnetic fields are created and these fields have polarity. This means they have a north and south pole. If you put a magnet under stress, it will reverse its polarity; in essence, the north and south poles change positions. 


Since the human body is electrical and has a subtle magnetic field, certain conditions such as stress will reverse the body’s polarity. This condition can be temporary, yet it is often is often long-lasting and chronic. Keith R. Smith discovered that chronic polarity reversal appears to be a major factor in the cause of chronic 

fatigue syndrome, depression, anxiety, fibromyalgia, auto immune diseases, cancer, ADHD, and many other conditions. 


Some potential signs of Chronic Reversed Polarity are: 


➤ Chronic stress or an Inability to Relax, Depression or Anxiety


➤ Headaches or Migraines 


➤ Difficulty concentrating, Feeling Brain Fog. or Poor Short Term Memory


➤ Insomnia, difficulty sleeping 


➤ Clumsiness or Being Accident Prone 


➤ Chronic Fatigue 


➤ Pain 


➤ Chronic health problems including Constipation, digestive problems or Irritable Bowel 


Stress plays an important role in ADD and the ability to learn. One form of stress that has greatly increased in recent years is exposure to Electromagnetic Frequency waves (EMF) from cell 

phones, Wifi and other electrical devises. Younger people are more vulnerable to EMF waves due to skull-thickness, which is maturing and growing. Evidence now suggests that fetal or neo-natal exposures to radiofrequency radiation may be associated with an increased incidence of autism. One way to protect yourself and your child against the stresses due to EMF exposure is wearing the GIALife Pendant. (For more information visit and look for the Biological treatments in the drop-down menu). Treatment with Biomagnetism can return the body to balance.