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Be a Strong Advocate for Your Child and Teach Your Child How To Become An Advocate for Themselves

Every ADD/ADHD child needs to understand what their areas of weakness are, so they know why they may have certain difficulties rather than begin to see themselves as unintelligent. This will also make them more accepting of learning strategies that can minimize any struggles they may encounter because of these weaknesses. learning effective strategies early prevents them from falling far behind their classmates and more dedicated to giving continued effort (which is a key to success in all areas of life). This also makes finding effective solutions easier, and encourages them to ask for help when they need it, and assists them to advocate for the help they need as well. Children who learn self-advocacy skills early, are better able to be explicit, confident, and proactive in getting the resources and accommodations they need as they go through life. They also minimize any weaknesses they may have and develop their strengths to become more adaptable and successful in work and personal relationships. When we help them focus on strengths first we create greater opportunities for success and increase their self-esteem.

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