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8 nBiggest Mistakes Parents Make (#2) Parents Nag, Lecture, Nag Lecture Then Yell

Studies show that humans tune out when commands or requests are repeated. Nagging is actually a form of “negative reinforcement” and children continue misbehaving to get parental attention. We tend to ignore good behavior and focus on the negative because negative behavior causes discomfort, which we naturally try to avoid. Praise (or even more powerful encouragement) on the other hand is one of the most powerful tools we have to influence a child’s actions. Typically praise is used poorly because we aren’t specific enough with our praise so that children understand what we want repeated. Using positiver reinforcement — to praise your child immediately, specifically and enthusiastically works and creates a happy home. Encouragement is more powerful than praise because it leads children to self validate rather than needing needing someone else to recognize their worth. It builds a foundation for them to make better decisions when no adult is present to correct or validate them.