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8 Biggest Mistakes Parents Make (#3)

Parents Overprotect

It’s difficult to see your child struggle or experience disappointment. Parents often jump in too quickly not allowing the child to deal with a problem or face a consequence so they can learn resiliency. We need to show kids we believe they are capable of solving problems. Giving them good guidance and then trusting to make good decisions helps them build resiliency which is key to success later in life. Disappointments will happen in life. Helping them face small things early on prepares them to have the determination and skills to persevere.

This also means allowing them to face consequences for negative actions. Having clear rules and guidelines creates safety for our children. When they face appropriate consequences for bad decisions they learn to make better decisions. Children who are rescued from consequences are more often to test limits, have behavioral problems and have poor decision making skills. Well thought out consequences that fit the crime so to speak and aren’t too harsh create respect. Consequences that are too harsh erode the child’s trust and respect for their parents. It also causes children to want revenge.