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Learn why ADD/ADHD is a GIFT and an ADVANTAGE


What if Award winning ADD/ADHD author MaryEllen Jirak could show you:

 How ADD/ADHD is a Gift that can be used to your child’s advantage
 Natural ways eliminate symptoms of ADD/ADHD
 How to unlock your child’s hidden talents 
 Help your child succeed in school and in personal relationships?

You’d want to know how it’s done, wouldn’t you?


“In a few short months your child can become more empowered in all areas of their life and more self accepting of their gifts in order to take challenges and turn them into assets…” 

Imagine for a moment that this highly acclaimed teacher and award winning author, educated in the science and psychology of human behavior, could walk into your home or child’s classroom and share with you  proven techniques you need to achieve amazing high-impact results in your child’s behavior, socialization skills, and school performance using the fewest steps in the shortest amount of time.

You’d want access to her strategies, wouldn’t you? 

MaryEllen Jirak is the fresh new face of ADD smart success today when it comes to relationship and school success and creating happy, productive students and conflict-free homes.

She cuts through the noise and limiting beliefs by helping children and parents easily discover, acknowledge and strengthen their own personal greatness. She re-empowers parents to work as a stronger team, building trusting relationships and heartfelt communication with each other and their children.

Imagine your children happy, cooperative, and fun and as successful students who are able to reach their potential. Conflict-free communication flows easily at home and your child has stellar behavior and joyful friendships at school.

You’d want to know how it’s done, wouldn’t you? MaryEllen Jirak knows, and she is accessible to show you, too.

Testimonial from the parent of an ADD child

 “Thank you for your great contribution to our family. You played a huge role in transforming our son’s life and helping our family. The result is a beautiful young man who is now consistently focusing on and using his best behavior regularly. He is cooperating with his entire class, politely asking if he can play and being patient when he can’t. The change is absolutely tremendous! THANK YOU!”

T. Cerceo (California)

 See Why MaryEllen affectionately refers to ADD persons as Creative Risk Takers, and how this is an advantage. 

  • 80% of all successful entrepreneurs have some form of ADD. These people include billionaire Richard Branson (of Virgin Records), JetBlue founder David Neeleman, Ben Cohen (of Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream), Stephanie Frank (author of Accidental Millionaire), Jay Abraham (the world’s most successful marketing consultant who charges $40,000/day) and many, many other successful men and women. Learn the exact strategies how these people used ADD to become super-successful.
  •  Many of the most brilliant and creative ‘movers and shakers’ of the previous and current century were ADD creatives: like Einstein, Edison, Thoreau, Beethoven, Alexander Graham Bell, Isaac Newton and hundreds more.
  • Did you know that ADD people have on average a 20% higher IQ than non-ADD people? Discover how to use your higher IQ to your advantage.
  • Discover how to determine your child’s learning profile and use it to their advantage in any learning environment.
  • Why ADD is actually a superior brain-type in many situations and how you can use it to achieve all your goals and desires.
  • Discover other little-known amazing qualities that only ADD people possess and how you can unleash these powers to get into healthy long-lasting relationships. (personal as well as business relationships)
  •  How to transform negative ADD traits into unstoppable success strategies.
  • How you can use a no-brainer method to get things done twice as fast as people without ADD.

 You’ll also learn strategies for:

  • How to help your child achieve each and every goal in their life by teaching focusing techniques.
  • How to get your child to complete tasks without conflicts.
  • How to create a false deadlines and “trick” your child’s mind into accomplishing tasks.
  •  How to stop your child from waiting till the last minute to get things done.
  • How to stop your child from getting bored and to do what they enjoy doing.
  • How to help your child release old limiting beliefs and instill empowering new ones.
  • How to use music to keep your child focused on things they need to get accomplished.
  • Why listening to music in another language helps you stay motivated into accomplishing a “boring” task.
  • How to avoid overwhelm so tasks get done.
  • How to use your child’s creativity and risk taking skills to crack the school success code so they don’t have to spend years trying to “figure” it out.)
  • ADD success techniques your doctor probably doesn’t know about (but would use himself if he did).
  • How your child’s brain is wired differently and how you can use it to their advantage.
  • Why it’s important to get advice from people who have lived the ADD experience. (Seeking advice from non-ADD people can be dangerous to your health and your confidence.)
  • The kind of people who you should take advice from if you have ADD and want to be successful in life.
  • The one incredible quality ADD people posses that allows them to overcome almost any roadblock life throws at them—and how to unlock this power hidden inside your child.
  • Finally, the answer to the biggest and most critical question almost all ADD people have but don’t know.


It’s more simple than you think! 

What People Are Saying:

“MaryEllen’s book is a definite encyclopedia of information on ADD/ADHD and many alternative to medication based treatments of this issue. MaryEllen, through her warm and caring style of writing, communicates a wealth of information to the struggling parents, seeking help for their child diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, helping them see the true gifts of their child’s abilities, not just their impairments. She suggests practical, easy to implement strategies for parents and teachers of ADD/ADHD children. A must read for everyone involved with an ADD/ADHD child, even if you are an M.D. writing prescription for ADD/ADHD patients and don’t agree with all of her suggestions, you should know about them. In our clinic specializing in non-medication based treatment of ADD/ADHD and Learning Disorders this is one must read text book for every parent, we even use it in our parent training classes.”

Ali Hashemian, Ph.D. (Walnut Creek, CA)

“I am the mother of an 10 year old girl with ADHD, OCD and Sensory Integration Disorder. I was inspired by the title of MaryEllen’s book The Gift of ADD enough to purchase it. I just finished reading it, and I have to say, “THANK YOU!” My daughter is the first girl I have ever known with ADHD. Because of this I have felt very lonely and isolated, as if I were the only one to see the wonder and beauty that is underneath the appearances of ADD. I also purchased the parent class and workbook which have been extremely helpful. I think we need to celebrate these delightful kids!”

 Pam (Seattle, WA)

 “I think any parent would benefit from reading this book. The Gift of ADD ” It is an incredible resource that I am recommending to all of the parents in my group. My child has ADHD, but in reading this book, it really could be renamed “Coaching Children To See Their Strengths.” In other words, I think any parent would benefit from reading this book.”

 R.V. (North Carolina)

The Authors Story

As is the case with most women Creative Risk Takers (CRT—ADD) I was not diagnosed until adulthood. It wasn’t until I began reading and researching everything I could find to help my son and students that I began to realize what my own endless energy, need for experience to learn, intuitive sensibility (the— “I just know”, that we all have), physically/emotionally feeling and experiencing the emotions of others, multi-focus, and scattered, anxious, compulsions, and overwhelmed sensations were about my neurological and biological makeup.

My ability to think on my feet and “feel” when a lesson needed to go in another direction for better clarity and “just knowing” what to say was producing students with results that went beyond what was reasonable to expect with standard teaching. Children who were told they would never read moved from first grade reading at a fourth grade level. Even though no emphasis was placed on test scores (because I believe they tell us so little about a child’s true potential and intelligence) my students test scores consistently were 20% higher than the rest of the district.

Through focusing on their gifts, I saw students appear dramatically less hyperactive, increase their ability to focus, regain hope and motivation and start improving in behavior and school work. My own son has come to know his value and inherent goodness and all who know him feel blessed and loved.

As time passed and my son completed high school I knew that I needed to impact greater numbers of people to see themselves as the gifts that they are. My vision is to shift education’s and our society’s focus on problems to solutions. To help people to begin to look at what is positive and a strength in each of us, how important each person’s contribution is to the success of the whole, and how much richer the world is when each person reaches their highest good is now an even deeper passion for me.

My life even when very young has always been about creating and maintaining harmonious relationships and being of service to others. Having personally experienced the negative symptoms of ADD I know all too well the potential downsides that constantly make the news headlines. I am particularly aware of the pain women who most often go undiagnosed in childhood experience as they reach midlife. In fact, there are as many or more girls and women Creative Risk takers as males.

It has taken me many years to perfect a system… that has helped parents and children improve their lives, behavior, school performance and be happier…This process is extremely easy to learn and is individually tailored for each person.

Sadly, 95% of people with ADD/ADHD do not have access to this information and thus don’t share their unique gifts. They simply don’t know the correct strategies that would make their lives amazingly successful and fulfilling.

Additionally, many parents of ADD/ADHD children have no idea how to advocate for nor help their amazingly gifted children and have to resort to medicating them. Most parents are convinced medication is the only solution.

“The difference this book and website have made in the short two or three months is astonishing…”

“MaryEllen’s book and advice has helped me in more was than I have time to mention. I absolutely love her positive outlook and insights. Never before have I heard anyone say let a person with ADD engage all of their senses and work first from their strengths in order to focus, and my degree is in early childhood education! As a single parent with ADD raising a child with ADD, structure was a real struggle for us. MaryEllen’s book and website have given me SO many tips and strategies not only to help myself, but to help me help my son. The difference this book and website have made in the short two or three months is astonishing. Thank you MaryEllen. We are both works in progress, but thanks to you I have hands on strategies that work!! Keep up the great work!”

M. Taylor (CA)

What Are ADD Experts Saying:

 From the expert who wrote the book foreword:

“A wonderfully imaginative, hopeful, helpful, and wise voyage through the world, not only of ADD, but of human nature itself. I highly recommend this delightful, intelligent book.”

Edward Hallowell, M.D., – Author of Driven to Distraction and Answers to Distraction

“A masterful synthesis of the current research as well as new ideas with thoughtful recommendations to help ADD children overcome the challenges of their differences. This balanced approach assures everyone that they will not only survive but also thrive from the ADD experience.”

Thom Hartmann – Author of, ADD Success Stories- A Guide To Fulfillment For Families With Attention Deficit Disorder, Healing ADD, and The Edison Gene


“The Gift of ADD is a treasure chest of strategies, tips, and resources that will bless the house of any parent who has a child that has been, is now, or might be in the future diagnosed ADD or ADHD. MaryEllen Jirak combines just the right balance of research, inspiration, and practical knowledge to help parents awaken the genius of high-energy kids. I am so happy to see (finally!) a book for parents that focuses as much on the gifts, talents, and abilities of kids labeled ADD/ADHD, as on their challenges. I hope that this book sells hyper-actively!”

Thomas Armstrong, Ph.D.,  – Author of, The Myth of the ADD Child, and Awakening Your Child’s Natural Genius


“The Gift of ADD helps to put a new and very positive face to the ADD picture. This informative book provides extraordinary insights and wisdom that will open you to a new experience of your ADD child.”

Sandra Rief, – Author of How to Reach and Teach ADD / ADHD Children


“The Gift of ADD creates a balanced approach to the ADD dilemma and offers practical ideas for creating more love and less fear, more joy and less pain, and more achievement and less failure in creative people of all ages. Every page of this remarkable resource is filled with a love of children, a passion for life, and a deep wisdom gained from many years of conscious parenting, teaching, and relating.”

Carla Hannaford, Ph.D.,  – Author of: Smart Moves: Why Learning Is Not All In Your Head


“A wealth of practical and solidly researched information for parents and professionals of all levels of experience. The casual, personalized writing style engages the reader and transforms potentially confusing and technical data into understandable and applicable guidelines. It is a relief to read such a rational, healthy approach to rearing and teaching inconvenient children.”

John Ratey, Ph.D., Co – Author of Driven to Distraction and Answers to Distraction, Author of User’s Guide to the Brain: Perception, Attention, and the Four Theaters of the Brain


“The Gift of ADD puts ADD in proper perspective and invites us to honor our strengths and return to our inner source of serenity and wisdom. It helps our capacity to more consciously parent, teach, and live.”

Cherie Carter-Scott, Ph.D. – Author of, If Life is a Game. These are the Rules: Ten Rules for Being Human


“This book is both inspiring and practical. The author has done our homework for us, compiling a vast amount of research in a multitude of areas and presenting it to us in a readable format. This book is a wonderful blessing to parents and teachers who deal each day with children who need love, honoring, and understanding. As a parent and professional, I highly recommend this book.”

Paul Dennison, Ph.D.  – Educational Kinesiology Foundation; Developer of Brain Gym


“The Gift of ADD is an invaluable guide to any parent or teacher living with the up-and-down disposition of an ADD child. This book offers excellent new insights into the A.DD personality and shows how to address more than just symptoms.”

Siegfried Othmer, Ph.D. – Founder and Chief Scientist, EEG Spectrum International


“The Gift of ADD offers no gimmicks or pat solutions; it does give the reader a thought provoking and well-informed approach to raising and teaching the ADD child. This is the most practical approach to helping children-as well as yourself-cope, survive, and thrive in life.”

Valorie Wells, Ph.D., – Hypnotherapist/Trainer


But now there is hope!

My step by step process, will show you exactly what to do in a sequential and logical fashion how to discover and nurture your child’s precious ADD/ADHD gifts. You will also learn how to be an unbelievable advocate so your child will receive the appropriate assistance for the greatest academic success. My hope is that through my experience and years of trials your child’s and your life can become all you dream it to be more quickly.

It’s more simple than you think!

Have You Tried Every Treatment Plan, Tried Endless Medications, Taken Every Alternative Pill and Potion And Are Still Battling Annoying ADD/ADHD Symptoms, Then Read On To Discover A New Way…

  • Now you don’t have to spend hours researching and reading journal articles. In fact, you don’t have to know anything about treatments. I have done the homework for you.
  • You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars each month on medications that only treat symptoms while at the same time diminishing your creativity.
  •  Experience a new lease on life by learning techniques on how to laser focus.
  • Unlock your child’s (and your own) inner genius. You have an immense potential within you, even if most people don’t believe in you. The key is becoming independent of the “good opinion” of others and helping your child to become as well.
  •  How to use movement to increase focus.
  • Why the idea of “less distractions” improving focus for ADD persons is a myth!
  • Improving your focus as a parent can help your child focus better.
  •  Hyperactivity and ADD: While many Creative Risk Takers experience hyperactivity it is not an inherent trait of ADD. Girls and women are less likely to experience the hyperactive piece and are often undiagnosed or misdiagnosed.

By Making A Few Small Changes In The Way You Do Things You’ll Achieve Dramatic Results

Some of the changes will start right away and others will gain momentum over the weeks and months ahead. Being clinically diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, doesn’t mean your child can’t succeed. They can. Just as the many greats before them have, their Gifts can propel their life to levels that you never imagined possible. It begins with believing something positive about your child and teaching them to do so as well and then taking positive purposeful action.

You’ll learn everything you need to know about using ADD to your child’s advantage when you read the book and access the website and incorporate the products and interventions that best fit their profile. These techniques and interventions are truly the most-effective methods ever developed for people with ADD who want to achieve super-success in life. They are based on years of research and trials. There are no drugs involved. And there are no gimmicks. It is a process built on Psychoneuroimmunology or mind-body technology and a multi-modal approach that I developed and use myself. Since there is no one cause and because each person is an individual certain interventions will be unique to your profile.

 “It’s Simple To Get Started On The Path To Success Today”

All you need to do is sign up below, and you will receive:

  • Disciplining From the Heart article
  • 5 Step Report
  • A 30 minute phone consultation with MaryEllen

The entire process is extremely straight forward and takes no longer than 1 minute.

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